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Hello Chico High School Students and Families,
We are very excited to start the upcoming school year. In the next few weeks the school will be sending you a series of messages about upcoming events that will include: information about senior pictures, sports schedules, counseling appointments, back to school night and many other activities. This message is focused on providing you specific information concerning our “Panther Arena” scheduled for August 6th for Seniors and Juniors and August 9th for Freshmen and Sophomores. The Arena process is mandatory for every student and it will allow you to complete several tasks within one time slot in order to be prepared for the start of our school year on August 16, 2021. Please read the attached (under "Quick Links") form which outlines times and procedures for Panther Arena.
Students should check their school e-mail next week as we begin to send out information with times for reviewing class schedules, setting up counseling appointments, understanding our new block schedule, understanding District masking requirements and reviewing the new bell schedule times which include new school start and end times.
Welcome back Panther Nation!
Have a great weekend and we will see you soon!
Doug Williams
Principal, CHS

Chico High Arena:  August 6 & 9

Please confirm student information in the Aeries parent portal prior to coming to Arena. 

Students can purchase ASB cards, Yearbooks and P.E. clothes at Arena if desired.  New Chromebooks & chargers are available to Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors with the return of their old Chromebooks & chargers.  Students will also be getting their picture taken for the yearbook, ID/ASB card and/or for purchase.  Student class schedules will be posted in Aeries after 4 pm, Friday, August 13.

If you missed Arena:

Make-up picture day is scheduled for Wednesday, August 16.  
Chromebooks & chargers can be exchanged in the Library after school starts.
ASB cards, Yearbooks and P.E. clothes can be purchased on campus at the Panther Post or through our Online Student Store via the link below.

Freshmen Link Crew Orientation:  August 13

All incoming Freshmen are invited to attend our Freshmen Link Crew Orientation this Friday, August 13 from 8 am-12:30 pm.  Students will receive a FREE CHS t-shirt, take a tour of the school, play games, meet new friends and enjoy a BBQ lunch in the Quad.  More details are in the Freshmen Link Crew letter below.

Red & Gold Student Worksheet

Class schedules will be posted in your Aeries portal on Friday, August 13.  Your schedule will look different than it has in the past, where classes 1-7 were listed in secquential order.  This year you’ll see up to 16 classes listed, showing both Red classes (periods 1-4), Gold classes (periods 1-4), (F) Fall semester, (S) Spring semester and (Y) Year-long classes.  The only classes you need to pay attention to at this point are the Red 1-4 & Gold 1-4 that have either an “F” or “Y” next to them, denoting Fall or Year-long classes.  Monday will be a Red day! 
When your class schedule becomes available in Aeries you may want to print out the Red & Gold Student Worksheet, linked below.  This will help you streamline your class schedule.

School Pictures & Senior Pictures

School Pictures
  1. CUSD has signed a contract with Dorian Photography for school pictures for the 2021-2022 school year.
  2. Please visit their website at to see package choices and purchase items at: 
  3. Pictures for the yearbook and ID cards will be taken during Arena August 6th & 9th.
  4. Paper flyers will be available at Arena.
  5. Make-up pictures are scheduled the first week of school on Wednesday, August 18.
Senior Pictures - Class of 2022
  1. We are working on a plan for senior pictures and will send a communication out soon.
  2. Plan to take a picture during Arena for your ID card.

Are you a student, parent, or community member? Keep in touch with us: