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Consistent with CUSD philosophy and goals, all high schools will issue a diploma certifying high school graduation to all
students who meet the following criteria:
Courses/Credits Required
English (9-12) - 4 years/40 credits
Fine Arts/Foreign Lang/Career Tech - 1 year/10 credits
Integrated Math - 1 or equivalent 1 year/10 credits
Mathematics - 2 year/20 credits in addition to Integ Math 1 or equivalent (10credits)
Physical Education - 2 years/20 credits
Health - 1 semester/5 credits
Life Science - 1 year/10 credits
Physical Science - 1 year/10 credits
World History (10) - 1 year/10 credits
US History (11) - 1 year/10 credits
Government (12) - 1 semester/5 credits
Economics (12) - 1 semester/5 credits
Electives - Remaining 80 credits
235 Credits Required
1 semester class = 5 credits
5 credit buffer
If a student falls behind credits for graduation credits can be made up through Butte College classes, CTE, work
experience and in some cases on site credit recovery.

CHS Approved CoursesTop of Page

Click here to view CHS Approved Courses to Meet High School Graduation Requirements

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