Mark Beebe - Principal

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Reg Govan - Assistant Principal

I feel honored to be an Assistant Principal at Chico High School. I have lived in Chico since 1981 when I started working on my Masters in Public Administration. I took a fast six year separation from Chico to get married, get my teaching credential and start a family before coming back to stay. Since being back, I taught and served as an assistant principal at Gridley High School. In 1994 I became assistant principal at Paradise High School. Through friends on the Chico High staff, I learned about the progressive CHS student-centered programs. I have been a proud member of the Panther family since 2000. Go Panthers!

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Mike Allen - Assistant Principal

I am very proud and honored to serve as an assistant principal at Chico High. This is my eighth year working in the Chico Unified School District. I am grateful for the experiences and support that I have received since becoming a part of it.

I am originally from the East Bay Area and have lived in Chico for the last sixteen years. I am a graduate of Butte Community College and California State University, Chico. My family has embraced the Chico community, just as the community has embraced us. It is my pleasure to be able to contribute to the future of this exceptional city and school.

I work with students whose last names begin with the letters H-P. However, I am willing to serve any student, parent or community member that has a concern. I am dedicated to keeping CHS a safe, clean and productive learning environment for all students.

Go Panthers!!

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Brian Boyer Assistant Principal

It is a bit odd to think that I have been working in public education for nearly half my life, but that is the case.  After graduating from CSU Chico in 1983, I taught in Southern California.  In 1989 my wife and I moved back to Chico to raise our family. I was able to land a job at CHS as a Math teacher and continued in that role until 2004.  At that point I moved into administration.

I am committed to the progressive instructional programs available here at CHS and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the dedicated, enthusiastic, and caring students and staff which make up the CHS community. 

I count myself lucky to live in Chico and even luckier to work at Chico High.  I look forward to many continued years of service here at Chico High

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