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Mean panther 

Head Coach: Jason Alvistur

Junior Varsity: Rich Kemp  

Freshman: Curtis Colwes   
To sign up for 2020 Football season, select  here. 
Football conditioning is cancelled for the week of July 13-16 2020.

2020 Summer Key Information

All participants are required to have a signed CUSD waiver that must be turned in to CHS Coaching staff on the first day you participate. Waiver is signed by both the student-athlete and the parent. There are no exceptions to this. No waiver, no participating!. See below for waiver link.
Enter campus thru the Mat Room Gate, behind the main gym.  This will be the only entrance into campus and there will be no wandering through campus.
You will sign in, turn in your waiver and immediately be directed to a work out station.
There will be 4 Workout Stations.  Each station will last 12 minutes of work and have 3 minutes to sanitize and rotate to the next station.
All athletes will be in groups of 10 or less and will maintain a distance of 6 feet or more
Each athlete must bring their own water; hydration stations, water fountains are prohibited. Come dressed in workout clothes and tennis shoes. The Locker Rooms will be closed and locked.
Varsity Summer 2020 Workouts
Monday-Thursday Starting June 15th Arrive at 9:30am.
JV & Freshmen Summer 2020
Tuesday-Thursday Starting June 16th, Arrive promptly at 8am. 
2020 Big Red Camp- TBD

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