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Boys and Girls Track

Head Coach Boys: Rich Kemp      
Asst: Kevin Girt                              

Head Coach Girls: Carolyn Kurnizki            Off Campus
Asst:                                                                                                       Off Campus
If you would like to receive updates for the 2019 track team, please install an app called “Remind” on your phone. 
To get the latest information for Track, select   “Add a class” and use the code @76ef3d
Email Rick Kemp at if you need more information.
You will then be linked up to the text list with reminders about practices, meetings, etc.

General Information for Boys and Girls Track



Track & Field 2019 Timeline


Signups -students, using your CUSD email, log in first, then click here to sign up for the 2019 CHS Track & Field team.

Informational Meeting- Wednesday, January 15th @ 3:15pm in Lincoln Center
Long Distance Runners - starting January 9th every Monday, Wednesday & Friday – meet at Room K211 @ 3:15pm- dressed and ready to run.
First day of practice : Monday, February 4, 2019. All athletes must be cleared with Kelley Serl in Athletics before any practice. 
Parent Meeting: Wednesday February 24 -After Athlete Committed, Location TBD
Athlete Committed: Wednesday, February 24- Time: 6:00pm, start in Lincoln Gym


Sports Boosters


Wish List

Wish List

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