9th grade Page

Welcome to Chico High

3 things all 9th graders should know to be successful in high school….  As stated by current high school students at CHS

We all learn in different ways, or styles.  Some people learn by listening, some by watching, and some by doing.  Most all of us learn by a combination of styles. How do YOU learn? Find out by doing the Learning Styles Inventory, a survey offered on-line by Diablo Valley College.

Planning for Success

Stay on track by understanding Graduation Requirements and what it takes to be sports eligible and college ready.
Join a Club

Volunteer Opportunities in your Community

Get involved in Sports - Link to the Athletics Page

Plan your schedule with a 4-year schedule template
Know where to get extra help with your school work: Support Services at Chico High

NCAA Prospective student-athletes are strongly recommended to consult the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Clearinghouse regarding eligibility issues at Division 1 and Division II Colleges.  You are urged to read the "NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete"
Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse here