AP Test Information

  • Pay for the AP Test at the counseling desk in the main office. Make checks payable to Chico High School. 
  • AP test schedule for Spring of 2018 is now available at the AP test site.
  • Find our what Credit & Placement your AP test may award you..
  • Prepare for your test with AP Practice Questions.

AP Test Fees

The A.P Examination Fee for 2018 is $94 per examination.                                                           

    Fees are paid in the Counseling Office.   

    Please make checks to "Chico High School."

Regular Registration Deadline:

    February 28  (Wednesday)      $94 registration fee per test is due. 

    Please pay your fees as soon as possible.   Each test fee has a $25 non-refundable

    amount to cover unused test and proctor fees.

Late Registration Deadline:

                March 28 (Wednesday)       $104 registration fee per test is due.

                Each late test fee has a $35 non-refundable amount to cover unused test,

                late charges, and proctor fees.

Note:  Fee reduction requests must be made to Assistant Principal Mrs. Pasillas in the Office by February 28th.  Fee reductions are available to students who demonstrate financial need based on the "Federal 2017-2018 Income Eligibility Guidelines".   

Also installment payment schedules can be arranged if initiated before February 28, 2018. 

AP Classes at Chico High


Course                                Grade Level                    Instructor(s)

AP English Lang/Comp           11                              Girt, Klein               Wed, May 16, 8:00 AM           

AP English Lit/Comp               12                              Mathews, C.     Wed, May 9, 8:00 AM

AP Spanish                             9-12                             Bustamante       Tue, May 8, 8:00 AM

AP Euro. History                    10-12                           Snider     Fri, May 18, 12:00 PM

AP Microeconomics               11-12                           Webb       Fri, May 18, 8:00 AM

AP Macroeconomics              11-12                            Webb   Wed, May 16, 12:00 PM

AP U.S. Govt. & Politics        12                                 Hahn                     Thur, May 10, 8:00 AM

AP U.S. History                     11-12                             Emmons/Webb Fri, May 11,   8:00 AM

AP Calculus                           10-12                            Sours     Tue, May 15, 8:00 AM

AP Statistics                           9-12                              Dickerson           Thur, May 17, 12:00 PM

AP Biology                             10-12                           Gripenstraw          Mon, May 14, 8:00 AM

AP Chemistry                         11-12                            Ball    Mon, May 7, 8:00 AM

AP Psychology 11-12      Mathrole    Mon, May 7, 12:00 PM