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AP Test Information

AP test schedule for Spring of 2017 is now available at the AP test site
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AP Test Fees

The A.P Examination Fee for 2017 is $93 per examination.                                                           

    Fees are paid in the Counseling Office.   

    Please make checks to "Chico High School."

Regular Registration Deadline:

    February 22  (Wednesday)      $93 registration fee per test is due. 

    Please pay your fees as soon as possible.   Each test fee has a $25 non-refundable

    amount to cover unused test and proctor fees.

Late Registration Deadline:

                March 22 (Wednesday)       $103 registration fee per test is due.

                Each late test fee has a $35 non-refundable amount to cover unused test,

                late charges, and proctor fees.

Note:  Fee reduction requests must be made to Mr. Boyer in the Office by February 22th.  Fee reductions are available to students who demonstrate financial need based on the "Federal 2016-2017 Income Eligibility Guidelines".    Also installment payment schedules can be arranged if initiated before deadlines.

AP Classes at Chico High


Course                                                              Grade Level                        Instructor(s)

Honors English                                                   9-10                   Asnault, Girt, Mathews, Persson

Advanced Placement English Lang/Comp           11                                     Girt, Klein                        

Advanced Placement English Lit/Comp               12                                    Mathews

Advanced Placement Spanish                             9-12                                 Bustamante

Advanced Placement Euro. History                    10-12                               Snider

Advanced Placement Microeconomics               11-12                               Webb

Advanced Placement Macroeconomics              11-12                               Webb

Advanced Placement Government                      12                                     Hahn

Advanced Placement U.S. History                     11-12                                Christopher

Advanced Placement Calculus                           10-12                                 Sours

Advanced Placement Statistics                           9-12                                  Calvert

Advanced Placement Biology                             10-12                                Gripenstraw

Advanced Placement Chemistry                         11-12                                 Ball