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Student Handbook & Curriculum Guide

For course description, please see the Student Handbook & Curriculum Guide.

Graduation Requirements

Consistent with CUSD philosophy and goals, all high schools will issue a diploma certifying high school graduation to all students who meet the following criteria:
Courses/Credits Required
English (9-12) - 4 years/40 credits
Fine Arts/Foreign Lang/Career Tech - 1 year/10 credits
Integrated Math - 1 or equivalent 1 year/10 credits
Mathematics - 2 year/20 credits in addition to Integ Math 1 or equivalent (10credits)
Physical Education - 2 years/20 credits
Health - 1 semester/5 credits
Life Science - 1 year/10 credits
Physical Science - 1 year/10 credits
World History (10) - 1 year/10 credits
US History (11) - 1 year/10 credits
Government (12) - 1 semester/5 credits
Economics (12) - 1 semester/5 credits
Electives - Remaining 80 credits
235 Credits Required
1 semester class = 5 credits
5 credit buffer
If a student falls behind credits for graduation credits can be made up through Butte College classes, CTE, work experience and in some cases on site credit recovery.

A-G College Entrance Requirements

A-G College Entrance Requirements for UC and State Colleges

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