Butte College Reg-To-Go

Read more about the Reg 2 Go program HERE.

BUTTE COLLEGE REG – 2 – Go PROGRAM                  

Chico High School, in conjunction with Butte College, offers seniors an opportunity to register for their first semester of college through a program called Reg – 2 – Go

By completing each part of a three-step process, students will have their first semester of college classes in place prior to graduating from high school.  Seniors who fail to complete any step of this program will delay the class registration process until after high school graduation.

Step 1:     Apply to Butte College

In December, Butte College Representatives will visit Chico High’s Gov/Econ classes to assist students in the application process. Prior to their visit students may apply on-line to Butte College for the Fall 2018 semester as Reg-2-Go students.  Applications for Butte College can be found at www.butte.edu   7-10 days after applying students receive an email from Butte with their BC Student ID #. 

Step 2:     Take the Butte College Assessment Test

                 (Sign up with Counselor with your BC ID #)

After applying to Butte students may sign up with their CHS counselor to take the Butte College Assessment Test.  This test establishes basic skill placement levels in Reading, English and Math.  The assessment test will be offered at CHS and must be taken prior to going on the orientation trip to Butte.

Test dates:

Monday, March 5th  

Thursday, March 15th

Wednesday, April 4th

Step 3:     Orientation and Registration

Students will travel by school bus to Butte College for a day-long visit.  They will tour the campus and sign up for their Fall 2018 college classes. Students should pack a lunch or bring money for the cafeteria.

Trip dates:

Thursday, April 5th at 8:00 until 1:45                 

Thursday, April 26th at 8:00 until 1:45

Tuesday, May 1st at 8:00 until 1:45

Butte College Concurrent Enrollment - High School Students taking Butte College Classes

As a high school student you may take a class at Butte College either outside of the school day or during the summer break.  To be eligible you must apply on-line to Butte College and file a Concurrent Enrollment form with Butte.  See your counselor for a Concurrent Enrollment Form.

Concurrent Enrollment Important Dates - Winter and Spring 2018

November 30, 2017         Concurrent Enrollments Permission Form Deadline for Winter 2018

December 7, 2017            Concurrent Enrollment Registration for Winter 2018 (At 12:00p.m./Noon)

January 2, 2018                 Winter Session 2018 Classes Begin

January 9, 2018                 Concurrent Enrollment Permission Form Deadline for Spring 2018

January 16, 2018               Concurrent Enrollment Registration for Spring 2018 (At 12:00p.m./Noon)

January 22, 2018               Spring Classes Begin

Fee Policy – 7 Days to Pay

Students will have 7 days from the time of registration to pay fees or they may be dropped from one or more classes. To avoid being dropped students must take one of the following steps.

  1. Pay fees in full.
  2. Create a fee payment plan online. *This does charge a $20 subscription fee so it may not be a viable choice for K-12 students*

Students are responsible for making payment arrangements or providing verification of exemption status. Once students have registered they can view payment or exemption status in MyBC. For complete details about how 7 Days to Pay may affect you please read the FAQ at the following link http://www.butte.edu/7days

Winter and Spring Fees

Winter Health Fee:                          $0.00                     Spring Health Fee:                           $19.00

Winter Technology Fee:                $20.00                   Spring Technology Fee:                     $20.00

Courses may also be subject to materials, supplies, or equipment fees. Check the class schedule for details. Fees are subject to change. The information provided is accurate as of July 2017

Note: Butte will continue to accept Concurrent Enrollment Forms until the end of the first day of a given semester.  Forms will not be accepted beyond the first day of a given semester.
 To see the Butte College Schedule and Apply on-line go to the Butte College Web Site

Butte College Connections - Apply to spend your senior year at Butte College

As stated in the Butte College Catalog, Butte College Connection (BCC) is a concurrent enrollment program that allows high school seniors in our service area to spend their entire senior year at Butte College completing an average of 22 college credit units. Students are accepted through an application process in the spring semester of their junior year." 
For more information and answers to frequently asked questions click HERE.
See this year's BCC application timeline which includes dates for applying to Butte College, taking the assessment test, interviewing and more.
For instructions and application template for the class of 2018 BCC program click HERE

College Transfer Guidelines

The Transfer Counseling Center provides unique programs and services that guarantee your admission to the university of your choice, such as completion of a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) with seven of nine University of California (UC) campuses, and the new Cross Enrollment Program with California State University (CSU), Chico, which allows you to take one course at CSU, Chico free while attending Butte College.

The Transfer Counseling Center also provides On-The-Spot Admission (OTSA) workshop with Humboldt State, CSU, Chico and CSU, Sacramento. The Center also provides transitional services geared towards ensuring that you meet university priority dates and deadlines, such as CSU and UC online Admission Application workshops to assist you in completing your online admission application within priority filing periods.

The Transfer Counseling Center also provides major-university specific academic advising designed to ensure you experience a smooth and seamless transfer to the university of your choice by providing you with a major-university specific Student Education Plan (SEP) and completing your university admission requirements through completion of an IGETC and/or CSU-GE Certification. Visit our web pages to see what we can do for you, then stop by and set an appointment to get on the right track today!

To better understand the requirements to earn a degree at Butte Community College, Transfer to a CSU, or Transfer to a UC, the following links will be of help.
A Degree with a Guaranteed Transfer  - Earn an Associates degree (AA-T or AS-T) and get a guaranteed transfer agreement to a CSU campus. 

Career & Technical Programs

Find your path to a Career & Technical Program at Butte College.  This link with take you to the necessary steps you will need to take to get started in the educational training in:

Automotive Technology, Cosmetology, Certified Nursing Assistant, EMS - Paramedic, Firefighter 1 Academy, Fish and Wildlife Academy, Law Enforcement Academy, Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN), LVN - to - RN, Registered Nursing (RN), Respiratory Care, State Parks Academy, Welding Technology.