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Who is my students Counselor?

Chico High School has approximately 1800 students enrolled in grades 9 through 12. The CHS Counseling staff is made up of 4 Counselors who are responsible for monitoring the progress towards graduation of roughly 425+ students each.   Students last names are used to determine which counselor will work with them.  You may find your counselor's contact information below.

Counselor                     Student Last Name          Phone                                    E-mail Address                         

Robin Bicocca                     A - Fa                891-3026 x 109                          Bicocca's email


Jennifer Carey                     Fe - Ln              891-3026 x 108                           Carey's email


Peg Johnson                       Lo - R               891-3026 x 120                           Johnson's email


Doug Wion                          S - Z                   891-3026 x 111                            Wion's email


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