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Who is my students Counselor?

Chico High School has approximately 1750 students enrolled in grades 9 through 12. The CHS Counseling staff is made up of 4 Counselors who are responsible for monitoring the progress towards graduation of roughly 400 students each.   Students last names are used to determine which counselor will work with them.  You may find your counselor's contact information below.

Counselor                     Student Last Name          Phone                                    E-mail Address                         

Robin Bicocca                     A - Fa                891-3026 x 109                          Bicocca's email


Jennifer Carey                     Fe - Lor              891-3026 x 108                           Carey's email


Peg Johnson                       Los - R               891-3026 x 120                           Johnsons email


Doug Wion                          S - Z                   891-3026 x 111                            Wion's email


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School Psychologist:     891-3026 x 205        Linda Stager

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