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About College Connection
College Connection is a partnership with participating school districts to provide high school seniors the option of spending their senior year at Butte College.  Students complete high school requirements through a combination of class time and independent studies while enrolling in Butte College classes each semester.  Students typically complete an average of 22 college units.  Students can earn general education credit, explore interests, majors, and enjoy a supported immersion experience prior to their “official” freshman year of college.

Who Attends?
This program is for high school seniors.  Students are accepted through an application process in the spring semester of their junior year.  Participating schools include Chico High, Pleasant Valley, Orland High, Inspire, Hearthstone, Las Plumas and Oroville High School.

When is College Connection?
Approved student can enroll in Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Semesters

Butte College Contacts by Region
Region Butte College Contact
Paradise Kim Jones
Oroville Julie Decker
Chico High Elaine Ellsmore
Pleasant Valley Elaine Ellsmore
Small School / Charter Bill Brent
Orland Joy Padden