The Chico High School Art Program offers a wide variety of classes and opportunities for all skill levels.  Courses range from Elements and Principles of Art to Ceramics, Drawing, Painting and Glass Design.  Additionally, Chico High School has one of Northern California's most advanced Computer Arts lab.  Our Art Department was selected as an Exemplary Art Program by the California Art Education Association for the 2001-02 school year.

The Art Department has worked to create a program quality, rigor, choice and opportunities for learning and success.  Many students have gone on to various fields that are directly or indirectly related to the skills learned in these classes.  Other students walk away with an appreciation of art and the value that it adds to all our lives.

Art Teachers

Classes Offered


Art @ CHS



Drawing 1:  (9-12) Exploratory class geared toward learning to draw realistically and accurately.

Take this class if:  you want to learn how to draw, you like to draw, and/or you want to draw better.

aReality check:  all drawing, all the time.


Intro to Art: (9-11 ONLY) General art class, includes a little bit of everything. (ONE SEMESTER & YEARLONG)

            Take this class if: you have little experience with any art, but would like more.

      aReality check:  a beginner's class, no seniors.


Ceramics 1: (9-12) Introductory class exploring everything clay.

            Take this class if:  you like creating with your hands.

      aReality check:  you'll get clay under your nails!


Computer Art 1: (9-12) Introductory class creating digital art with the computer programs Bryce and Photoshop.

            Take this class if:  you enjoy working with computers and learning new programs.

            aReality Check:  all computers, all the time.


Sculpture: (9-12) Exploring everything three-dimensional.

            Take this class if:  you would like to create 3D art using a variety of materials.

            aReality check: involves being able to think and create in three dimensions.


Intro to Photography: ONE SEMESTER COURSE (9-12)

            Take this class if:  you want to learn basic digital camera skills and how to make simple adjustments of photographs with Photoshop CS3

            aReality check: What will you take the other semester?  Does not meet UC/CSU "VPA" requirements.




ADVANCED CLASSES: (10-12 only)


Painting:  Oil painting and watercolor techniques exploring a wide variety of subject matter.

            Take this class if: you enjoy drawing and want to work in color.

            aReality check:  strong drawing skills = strong painting skills.


Glass Design:  Stained glass art, design, and techniques.

            Take this class if: you enjoy combining color with creating with your hands.

            aReality check:  this class does not meet UC/CSU "VPA" requirements.  (Ask your counselor if you need this.)


Photography:  Art photography using a digital camera and the computer program Photoshop CS3.

            Take this class if: you want to learn how to create quality photographs, use a digital camera the way professionals do, and how to adjust photographs with Photoshop CS3. (Yearlong class)

            aReality check:  Photos are not taken during class time, but on your own time.




            Take these classes if: you really enjoyed the beginning level and want to create more complex works.

            aReality check: you'll need at least a B from your beginning level class.

Drawing 2

Glass Design 2

Ceramics 2 & 3

Computer Art 2 & 3

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