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Copying your FoodTracker graph and menus to Ms. Jenson's K drive folder:

  1. Open your menus so they show the foods you selected.
  2. Scroll your screen so that your graph and as much of your menu as possible is showing.
  3. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard (it is by the F keys at the top of your keyboard).
  4. Open a Word document.
  5. Write your name and period # at the top of the page.  Press Enter to go to the next line.
  6. Paste.  You should now have a copy of your screen on the document.
  7. Return to your FoodTracker.  Scroll down your menu to show the meals not yet showing on your Word document.     Press Print Screen again.  Return to your Word document and paste.
  8. You will probably need to repeat Step # 7 again to add all of your menu to your Word document.
  9. Name your document with your last name followed by CMP.  Then Save to your H drive.
  10. Open your H drive; copy the document and then paste in your class's folder by going to the K drive, opening Teacher folder, then Jenson, then Assignments, then the period of your health class.



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