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GOOGLE DOCS: Step 1. Renaming your doc; Margins; Line Spacing; Your name and other infoTop of Page

GOOGLE DOCS: Step 2. Adding a Page NumberTop of Page

GOOGLE DOCS: Step 3. Adding Your TitleTop of Page

Capitalize the first word of your title!

These are words NOT to capitalize if they are within the title (capitalize them if they are the the first word):
a / an / and / at / but / by / down / etc. / for / from / nor / of / or / over / the / to / with / yet

GOOGLE DOCS: Step 4. Adding a Page Break and Works Cited TitleTop of Page

GOOGLE DOCS: Step 5. Transferring MLA entries to Works Cited pageTop of Page

GOOGLE DOCS: Step 6. Hanging IndentTop of Page

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