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Issues and Statistics

Introduction & Citation Maker for a Website

The statistics below are arranged alphabetically by category, except for the first group, which covers a wide variety of subjects.

Use MLA citation maker for an Internet website from Oregon Public Education Network

Statistics Covering a Wide Variety of Subjects

FedStats  A good place to browse if you're looking for ideas.

University of Michigan -- Statistical Resources on the Web Check out the list of categories on the left for ideas.

Statistical Abstracts of the United StatesPopulation, crime, diseases, and many more topics are covered here.
Our World in Data:

Education Statistics

Money spent on education in California compared to other states - Legislative Analyst's Office

Math, reading & science tests - how 9, 13 & 17-year-olds have done in national tests from 1971 to 1999.

Health Statistics

National Cancer Institute - Cancer statistics
Cancer statistics by type of cancer
Deaths by poisoning, including drug overdoses
Overweight and obesity statistics

Political Statistics

CNN's delegate count for the Primaries & Caucuses --Compare candidates progress through the Caucuses and Primaries as they collect delegates
Voting and registration data from the U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Congress
Election statistics for the U.S. House of Representatives
Historical political party statistics for the U.S. Senate

Population Statistics

Washington Trends Economic, population, and demographic trends for all the states
California births, deaths, population, and communicable disease statistics --California Dept. of Public Health & Dept. of Health Care Services

What were the trends in type of employment from 1919 to 2002? Compare agriculture, construction, services, working for the government and more.
How many hours were in an average work week in the years since 1947? What were they for different types of employment? You'll find these facts at
Average wages for different types of employment since 1940 (66 cents and hour for mining in 1940)
Labor statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Historical Census Browser from University of Virginia **Collect all sorts of information from different years.
History of California Minimum Wage
Arrests in California --California Office of the Attorney General
Felony & misdemeanor arrests for juveniles & adults --Calif. Office of the Attorney General

City statistics
City-Data-- Statistics organized by different cities; includes data for home sales, crime, and other statistics about cities in the U.S.

Sports Statistics

Major League Baseball stats
Baseball leaders and baseball records from Click the "Progressive" links for statistics over time.

National Basketball Association stats

National Football League historical stats
NFL player stats
NFL team stats
ESPN site for NFL, AFC & NFC stats

Olympics and World Records
Olympic progression stats
World Record progression stats

Other sports
Unicycling stats

Stock Market, Financial, and Economic Statistics

Changes in minimum wage from 1968-- US Dept. of Labor

Stock prices and yields
from 1900 to 2002

Economic statistics from the White House


Automobile fatalities U. S. Dept. of Transportation-- Research and Innovative Technology Administration

Japan's motor vehicle sales Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association

Teen and Children Statistics

Kids Count -- a list of statistics about kids according to different factors, such as grandparents raising their grandchildren, education levels, income levels, children with disabilities, and more. You choose whether to compare by states, different counties, different cities, etc.

Teen Pregnancy Rates (Birth rates for teen parents) -- Child Trends Data Bank.

High School Drop-out Rates (Click on "Tables" for data) --Child Trends Data Bank. 

Unusual Statistics

UFO sightings --from the National UFO Reporting Center

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