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Choral Music Teacher

Ms. Coon graduated with her B.A. in Music Education and Vocal Performance from CSU, Chico. While there, she performed in many ensembles including the A Cappella Choir, Madrigals, CSUC Jazz Choir, Opera Workshop with Gwen Curatilo, and countless musical theater productions. Ms. Coon is a choir and musical theater director with over 15 years of teaching experience, who brings enthusiasm, knowledge, humor, and inspiration to her students. With consistent Superior (I) CMEA Festival ratings, Ms. Coon's student’s success demonstrates her dedication to helping students reach their fullest potential with the highest standards in music education. She will continue to build student learning in music literacy, vocal technique, repertoire, performance opportunities, and artistic expression. A former Chico High School graduate herself- who participated in the Chico High A Cappella Choir, Madrigal Singers, and as a soloist at The Almond Bowl- she is wholeheartedly honored to be here, and is dedicated to continuing the legacy of musical excellence at Chico High School.

The Choir's Trip to Sing at Carnegie Hall


Choral Department

Choral Department

Chico High School choirs have a rich history of outstanding concerts and are respected for consistently high performance standards. The choirs, whether auditioned or non-auditioned, are open to all Chico High students- there is a choir to suit everyone!. Each of the six choirs performs in at least one major concert a semester and participates in a variety of other activities, including community performances and outreach to the local elementary and Jr. High schools. Choir is a great way to make new friends, connect and give back to the community, learn to read and write music, learn vocal techniques, and gain the confidence and poise it takes to perform in a group in front of an audience. Thank you to all the amazing parents, staff, community members and students who have helped to shape the Chico High Choral program throughout the years.

There are six ensembles in the Choral Department:

  • A Cappella
  • Mixed Chorus
  • Chico Coro (mixed small group)
  • Chico Voce (women’s small group)
  • Chico Chic (women’s quartet)
  • Sac Street Boys (men’s quartet)

Each of these ensembles performs at concerts and for special events in the community throughout the year. The two large ensembles, A Cappella Choir and Mixed Chorus consistently take top honors at regional festivals in Northern California. Voce and Sac Street Boys are highly sought after by the community for special performances throughout the year.


Major Performances for 2016-2017

Tuesday, October 18

America Through the Ages Concert and Dinner- Marsh Jr High Cafeteria 6:00 PM

Friday, October 21

Almond Bowl: Singing the National Anthem

6:00 PM

Thursday, December 8

Winter Choral Concert: CFA 6:00 PM

Friday, March 24

CMEA Region III Choral Festival at CSUC

All Day

March 30-April 2

A CAPPELLA to Anaheim/Disneyland!


Tuesday, May 16

Spring Choral Concert: CFA

6:00 PM

Wednesday, June 7

All Choirs Sing at Graduation


  • The CHS Band and Choral Departments alternate travel years.  2016-2017 is a travel year for the A Cappella Choir!  We will need your help with fundraising in order to provide an awesome musical experience for our students.  2018-2019 will be the next travel year for the A Cappella Choir.  It is my wish to take them overseas!  Stay tuned!

A Cappella

The A Cappella Choir is a 40-voice mixed choir.  This is the premier large ensemble at Chico High School.  Students must pass a rigorous audition to be primarily on traditional choral music ranging from the Renaissance to 20th century compositions.

Chico Chic

Another ensemble at Chico High is Chico Chic. Chic's focus is "girl group" songs from the 50's and 60's. They are giving the Sac Street Boys competition in the volume of requests they receive. In 2010-2011, Chic members are Emily Moline, Haley Chamberlain, Rachel Jackson, and Lindy Edstrom.  Chic meets once a week during lunch. Singing Valentines and Birthday Grams are two of Chic's big events.

Jazz Choir (ChicoVoce)

Vocal Jazz is one of the most difficult styles of music to learn and perform. The members of ChicoVoce must be the musicians of the highest caliber. Voce is currently a female jazz group that rehearses one day a week at lunch.


Chico High Madrigal Choir is another small group that rehearses at lunch one day a week.  They sing music from the Renaissance period.  Students must be enrolled in Mixed Chorus or A Cappella Choir to participate.   

Sac Street Boys

  The Sac Street Boys are the Chico High group most requested to perform at events on campus and throughout the community. Their Barbershop Quartet stylings, along with their dynamic personalities, create a very entertaining combination. Members include Ansel Lundberg, David Nemat-Nasser, Will Buchholtz, and Phil Taylan.  The Sac Street Boys meet once a week during lunch.  Singing Valentines and Birthday Grams are two of the Sac Street Boys' big events.

Classes Offered


  • A Cappella Choir
  • Mixed Chorus
  • Music Enrichment
  • Musical Theater
  • Small Ensembles

Mixed Chorus