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Earth Science


Vertebrate Assignment for Reyna and Gripenstraw

Tips on finding the Latin word origin
Different Latin words will need different strategies to find the origin of the word.
Here are a few:
Use these search words:  etymology   word origin
  • Example: monotremata etymology would be the words you would use in a search engine such as Google to find the origin of "monotremata." monotremata word origin would be another possibility.

Out-of-the-ordinary animal information:
  •  1922!! article about elephants in Natural History magazine-- find out what scientists knew about elephants then.
  • Four ears to the ground: for an elephant, the foot may be a powerful listening device
Natural History Magazine Samplings from past years :
  • The Curious, Bloody Lives of Vampire Bats -- Natural History Magazine
  • The Owl That Hunts by Light--Natural History Magazine
    Order Rodentia (California ground squirrels and rock squirrels) - video of rock squirrel chewing up rattlesnake skin & rubbing it on it's skin to mask it's scent from predators.
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Try these sites:
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Try these sites:
Scholastic:  Grolier Online Encyclopedia

Stickleback Lab

Forms of Engergy & Mineral Resources

Be sure to also search for the subjects below in Groliers Online Encyclopedia!

Various Forms of Energy
Mineral Resources

Hydroelectric Power

Coal Power
Wind Power
Hydrothermal Energy
Natural Gas
Nuclear Fission
Hydrogen Energy
Solar Thermal Technology
OTEC and Tidal Energy

Earth Science Research Project

Environmental Issues
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  1. Windmills
  2. Solar panels
  3. Hydrogen fuel cells
  4. Composting (different types)
  5. Deforestation (logging)
  6. Groundwater use (Tuscan aquifer)
  7. Nuclear power
  8. Tide and wave energy generation
  9. Dams as energy generators
  10. Fresh water pollution (stream, river, lake)
  11. Mining waste
  12. Ocean waste (plastics)
  13. Coal power plants
  14. Automotive efficiency (mpg, US vs. others, goals)
  15. Electric hybrid cars
  16. Topsoil loss/runoff/erosion
  17. Pesticides/herbicides (in food production)
  18. Feed lots - waste management (methane capture)
  19. Feed lots - antibiotics
  20. Greenhouse effect (gases)
  21. CFCs (use, disposal, harm)
  22. Public transportation
  23. Plastic bags (usage, harm, recycling)
  24. Landfills (methane capture)
  25. Glacier loss (source of fresh water)
  26. Acid rain
  27. Biofuels (algae)
  28. Light bulbs (incandescent vs. CFL vs. LED, recycling)
  29. Human population (growth, max, high density centers)
  30. Honeybees
  31. PBS (Nature) "Silence of the Bees"
  32. Desertification
  33. Fossil fuel use
  34. Household water usage
  35. Recycling (butte county recycling, what is recyclable)
  36. Sea Level rise (why, how much, what is the effect?)
    • Grolier encyclopedia article
    • CSIRO..
  37. Paper consumption (office, bags, junk mail)

Chemistry Essay

Journal of Chemistry Education

Articles to read online (current (November) and previous month)
Possible topics from Issues & controversies database
Topics from NPR's Science Friday..Form for citing your sources For health topics, such as diseases, try:

Genetics Articles

Genetically Modified Food  
Human Genetics
DNA Testing and Crime
When you're done, create a clone of Mimi the mouse


Troubleshoot your trebuchet and upgrade its performance on PBS's Medieval Siege website from NOVA.



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