ASB Forms

ASB forms are only available on-line. 
You may save them to your computer to be able to
make changes and use in future years.

Please print out and turn in with required signatures to
Robyn Salyer in the Panther Post.

Athletic Forms

Please complete these forms to be able to drive student athletes to athletic events.

1. Volunteer Driver Form (Own Vehicle)                    .PDF

2. Volunteer Form A                                                .PDF

The following form must be completed for an athlete to compete on a Chico High sports team.

Code of Conduct and Physical Form Package              .PDF
Parent Request for Parent Transportation Following Interscholastic Athletic Competition

ASB Forms

Microsoft Office forms can be filled in and saved to your computer.
Adobe PDF forms must be printed and completed by hand.
Forms completed on the computer are much easier to read and the preferred way of turning in forms.
* Please note that some forms are REQUIRED to be typed as they are to be submitted to CUSD for approval.
Turn in completed form with the appropriate signatures to the Panther Post.

ASB PO Requisition Form 
                  Excel Version            .PDF

Complete this PO requisition in order to get a PO. 
Make sure you have both a student and Advisor signature.
Turn in to the Panther Post by 8 a.m. on Wednesdays for Executive Council.

ASB Deposit Form                                Excel Version              .PDF
Please turn in all ASB money using this deposit form.
Please make sure to have back up for your deposit.

ASB Transfer Form                              Excel Version              .PDF
An ASB transfer form is used to make transfers from one ASB
account to another ASB account within ASB.

ASB Fundraising Request Form *           Word Version             
In order to have a fundraiser, an ASB fundraising request form must be approved.
Please allow enough time for this form to also be approved by CUSD before your event.

Change Request                                   Excel Version              .PDF
If you need a change box for an event, please turn in the change request
at least 3 days prior to needing the cash.

ASB Consultant Agreement *               Word Version          
This form is to pay an outside consultant for work/labor to be performed.
Please allow enough time for this form to also be approved by CUSD.
We must have both a BS10 and a W9 on file for all consultants.

Donation to School                                  
Excel Version              .PDF
This form is used for donations to be accepted and acknowledged.

Chico High Clubs

If you would like to start a new club, please complete both the
New Club Form and Constitution.
(It is  PREFERRED this be typed as it kept on file and
is sent to CUSD for approval, but they have not mandated it yet.)

  • New Club Form                          Word Version           .PDF
  • Club Constitution                       Word Version           .PDF

Chico High Forms

Marquee Message                                                                                 Word       
Please complete this form to put a message on the
Chico High marquee on the new building.
Please email or return to Robyn Salyer in the Panther Post.

Daily Bulletin Form                                                                                Word         
Please complete this form to put a message in
the Chico High daily bulletin.
Please return this form to Mary Sours in the front Office.

Request for Calendar Date & Facility
                                                       Word         .PDF
Please complete this form to reserve Chico High facilities and
to put events on the Chico High calendar.

Please return this form to Mary Sours in the front Office.

Yearbook Forms

Place your business ad in the Chico High Yearbook:

Caduceus Yearbook Ad Sales Agreement                       .PDF

Caduceus Yearbook Business Ad Receipt of Sales         .PDF

CUSD Forms

CUSD Use of Facilities               Word               .PDF
Please complete this form to use any CUSD facility.
There may be charges for Nutrition Services or Custodial.
If this is for an ASB activity, please have an approved PO before the event to cover any costs.

Volunteer Packet                                                .PDF
This is a CUSD packet that includes Volunteer forms  A, B and C

Volunteer Form A                                                .PDF
This is a CUSD form that is required for Volunteers.

Volunteer Form B (Volunteer Driver)                .PDF
This is a CUSD form that is required to drive students to athletic events or on field trips.

Volunteer Form C                                                .PDF
This is a CUSD form used for volunteers in classrooms.

Student Participation Form                                 .PDF
This is a CUSD form giving parent permission to video, photograph, film, electronic media, for other than school use.
This form can be used to request parent permission to use a photograph of a student or student work on the internet.

Student Teacher Permission                               .PDF
Form for Videotaping
This is a CUSD form used to student teachers to film students in class.