eEdition Newspapers that Require a Password

eEdition Newspapers
(that require a password-- see library staff)--

Chico Enterprise-Record eEdition for Chico High School-- see library staff for user name & password
user name= [email protected]   password=  chicohi
Sacramento Bee eEdition for Chico High School--see library staff for user name & password
School-- Chico Senior High School
password-- verb
San Francisco Chronicle eEdition for Chico High School -- see library staff for user name & password
(click the "double" pane at the top of the Chronicle screen to view the paper)

User name= [email protected]
password= cie

Online News Sources

Online News Sources


-New York Times--
     Today's paper

News Magazines

-Time Magazine (archives go back to 1923)
     Time World news
     Time U.S. news
     Time Business news
-Teen Upfront (New York Times)
-Newsweek/The Daily Beast
     World news
     U.S. news

Science, History, and Art

-Time Magazine: Science section
-Time Magazine: Art section
-New York Times: Art section

-National Geographic
-Discovery News
-BBC: Science and Technology
-New Scientist
-Science News

-Smithsonian Magazine
-Smithsonian: Art and Culture
-Smithsonian: Science and Nature
-Smithsonian: People and Places
-Smithsonian: History and Archaeology

-EurekAlert!: Science for Kids


-Time Magazine: Healthland
-New York Times: Health
-Teen Health (


-New York Times: Alan Schwarz

Online News Sites

-Google News
-National Public Radio