Dream Analysis

Craig Webb on the Dreams Foundation site, says, "your own gut feeling is always the best source to trust for understanding your dreams, and should also have the last word as to whether any interpretation is valid." With that in mind, here are some sites sharing their ideas regarding dream interpretation.
     Go to the Some Universal Dream Symbolism Tips section of the Dreams Foundation "Organic Dream Integration" page to read about different types of dreams and some possible interpretations. Then, go to the Nightmares? Bad Dreams, or Recurring Dreams? Lucky You! page and scroll down to Suggestions for Common Nightmares and Recurring Themes to read about some of the common bad dream themes.
    At Dream Central's Unique Method of Dream Analysis, you will read about some suggested ways to remember and understand your dreams. Then, go to the section Analyzing the Dream: Universal Symbols for more possible interpretations of dream symbols.  
    The DreamMoods site has links to Chase Dreams, Text/Exam Dreams, Falling Dreams, Flying Dreams, etc.
    There are a number of sites on the Internet that have "Dream Dicitonaries." These may be more fun than factual, but your creativity may be sparked about your own dreams after looking at some of the entries in these dream dictionaries.  ..DreamMoods Dream Dictionary - SoDreamer Dream Dictionary

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