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United Streaming

..United Streaming..
From CSUC tech dept (Oct. 2009)--
Discovery Education (formally United Streaming) is Better than Ever!: CUSD still has an active subscription to the Discovery Education (DE) that is available to all school sites. The district has upgraded internet connectivity to all school sites for internet access allowing better than ever access to these valuable teaching resources. The new website address is If you do not have your password, there is an option at the website to reset your password. If you experience video playback performance issues you have the ability to download the video directly to the computer. Following are the instructions for downloading videos.
Play & download videos and video segments: Discovery Education offers users the ability to play and download full videos and video segments. Full videos are divided into "segments" so that educators can show the part that best relates to their teaching objective or lesson. 
Playing a video or video segment: You can view a video or video segment "live" or stream in "real-time" by clicking on the Play Play.jpg button. The quality of the video streaming experience will depend on many factors including the speed of your Internet connection and the number of people at your school who are online while you are streaming video content.
Downloading a video or video segment: When you download a video or video segment, you save a copy of the file on your computer or local network for future access. To download a video or video segment, right-click on the download  icon (or Ctrl + click if using a Mac) and choose "Save Target As..."
Closed Captioning: Many videos are available with closed captioning (Windows Media Player only). To activate closed captioning, click on the Closed Captioning icon  next to the Download icon at the bottom of each individual box for a segment or video. To download videos with closed captioning, first download the video following the above instructions. Next click on the closed captioning  icon next to the video to download the closed captioned file. This file must reside in the same directory as the video and the filename (before the .smi extension) must be identical to the video filename.  Happy Browsing!