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Attendance Office:  (530) 891-3026, press 1 for immediate assistance

Report an Absence or Excuse your Student for an Appointment

Attendance Office:  (530) 891-3026, press 1 for immediate assistance
If you need to report an absence, or excuse your student for an appointment, please email or call your attendance clerk below. 
Also, if you need to drop something off for your student, please do so in our Attendance Office.

Attendance Policies

Please call or email our Attendance/Student Services Staff whenever your student is absent.  Please provide the following information:
  1. Student's Name
  2. Date of the Absence
  3. Reason for the Absence
  4. Your Name
All absences must be cleared within three school days or they will be considered unexcused.  Thank you for your help.
Leaving Campus:  Off-Campus Permits 
  1. Send your student with a note stating your student's first and last name, the reason, the time they need to leave campus, and your name.  Your student will receive an off-campus pass which they will show the teacher when it is time to leave class. Your student can conveniently meet you in the parking lot.
  2. Email or call the attendance office, and an off-campus pass will be prepared for your student.  It is the student's responsibility to pick up the off-campus pass during their passing period or lunch.  They will show the pass to the teacher when it is time to leave class and meet you in the parking lot.
Tardy Policy
Students must be in their seats when the bell rings.  If a student is not in their seat, they will receive an unexcused tardy.  Thirty-Minute detention will be assigned and must be completed within five school days.  Written verification by a medical office with date and time listed, will be an excused tardy.
Please Plan Ahead
Class time is valuable!  Parents are always welcome to drop off an item for their student, as long as the student knows to pick it up.  We do not deliver notes or items to classrooms, as it is a disruption to instructional time. Thank you!

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