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Our Students' Stories

"I am not only accepted at Chico High for my religion, but also for my race, political views, etc. Acceptance being a key part of Chico High School. It showed me how symbolic my school was to a puzzle. Every person has a piece in this gigantic puzzle, just big or small enough to perfectly fit. When the seniors leave, the puzzle is readjusted but always accommodates for new people, making them fit into the puzzle just as I did. With the increasing racial and religious discrimination in today’s society. I am so blessed to not have to had to worry about that at Chico High School."

"To this day, I find it difficult to put into words how loved I felt during one of the hardest days of my life. I now understand how truly lucky I am to have attended Chico High School, where no matter what happened, I know my family always has my back."

"Chico High teachers have undeniably prepared me for higher education whilst spending extra time outside of class to help me further understand their material. Their dedication to not only creating excellent students but also excellent people inspires me to succeed and motivates me to continue pursuing excellence in all of my future endeavors."

"Before 2014, when I imagined high school I saw a huge campus, jocks pushing nerds in garbage cans, and mean girls wearing pink. Now, when I envision Chico High, I see brick walls, a black panther, spirited posters, and red and gold streamers, but most importantly, I think about all the great memories I’ve made surrounded by people I am fortunate enough to call my friends. Personally, Chico High has grown to mean so much more than a place I stay at for seven hours a day."

"How much Chico High means to me really clicked this year, I guess the idea of leaving put things in perspective. I have always loved Chico High and I'm unbelievably proud to be a Panther, but I never realized how special this school is to me until now."

"If I have problems or am dealing with some hard times in my life, I know that I can come to school and get help, get advice from my teachers and support from my peers. Chico High helped me connect with outside resources that helped me with my goal to go to college. It got me to become friends with people that I never thought I would and Chico High helped me find who I am and what I want to become."

"On the first day of school, I was terrified that I would not meet the expectations of my peers, teachers, and new found friends, but I was welcomed with open arms. Coming from a school ridden with bullying and negativity, Chico High was like a breath of fresh air."

"Chico High teachers’ value educating their students not only with book work but also with real life lessons, teaching me to never give up."

"I was born with red and gold blood in my veins. I was destined to be a Chico High Panther because my parents fell in love here in the late 80’s and are proud alumni."

"Chico High School is my home. A home where we stand covered in gold glitter, red paint and scream chants until our voices are gone. A place where we wash red chalk out of our hair, notes, ears and clothes for weeks after the big game. A place you can wear a full body pea costume to a basketball game and not worry about being judged because everyone else will be spirited too. It is a home where we love each other, win or lose, we are always united together."

"Teachers, staff, best friends and students you don’t really even know care about how you are doing and want to help you reach your goals. This is a home where you feel comfortable and confident because of the constant love and support you receive."

"Thank you Chico High for allowing me to grow from a nervous freshman scared to death of what people would think of me, into a confident young woman filled with pride and passion for this special place I call home."

I took a deep breath and sung my note. The first “mi” syllable immediately sent chills down my arms, as the triad chord locked in. My voice didn’t stand out to much, nor was it drowned out by the other voices. That beautiful, harmonic blend of people that I discovered that first day of my freshman year perfectly describes my Chico High experience.

"Our student body is as warm and welcoming as our staff is hardworking."

"Chico High is my launching pad, my fertile soil, and my home. It has never failed to support and inspire me and my dreams."

"From the first day that I walked onto campus, I knew there was something special about Chico High School. You could just feel it in the red brick walls, that history that has been made here, and I was part of the next generation to make our imprint that would forever last in these walls."

Chico High has grown my confidence and has diminished my fears.

"Thankfully, I was at a school who embraced anyone from any background with open arms. The staff was encouraging and the student body was overall kind and willing to accept new people. The staff at Chico High constantly cheered students on and take their own time to make sure that students have every tool they need to succeed."

"My teachers have taught me not just the curriculum but how to be a good person."

"I have yet to find a staff member at Chico High who doesn’t work overtime just to help their students. My teachers have taught me how I want to make others feel in my life, heard and loved. Chico High is my home, and I love this place more than anywhere else in the world. I want to make this school proud; I’ve always said that it’s impossible for me to talk about CHS without writing a love letter to this school. This school made my dreams come true; this school gave me another family, and most of all, a home."

"Chico High offered me the strong academic foundation I previously lacked. I was so proud when I brought my first straight A report card home to my mom freshmen year, and every semester because I proved to myself I was not destined for an unfulfilled future."

"On my first day at Chico High, my outlook changed drastically. Now, school is where I thrive, where I am awake and engaged. Even if I’m not in a classroom I am trying to learn something new and decipher another part of the world. I push myself."

"CHS is the first stepping-stone on my path to a successful and fulfilled future."

"I feel nostalgic for the first time in my life, because Chico High was a place of so many firsts. My first ski race. My first tardy. My first date. My first rally. My first Prom. My first walkout. It is the launching point for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to the community of teachers and staff who have supported me during my high school education. No matter where my travels take me, Chico High was, and will always be, my home."

"People say Chico High is great because of its diversity, but it’s more than that. At Chico High, even when we think, feel or look something completely opposite of each other, we give each other unconditional love."

"For four years Chico High, my home, has loved me and supported me. We have grown together so much so that four years ago brick walls just seemed like something used to build, but now brick walls represent the four best years of my life. Chico High is family the moment one steps inside the comfort of the beautiful brick walls, it doesn’t matter who they are or where they came from, because love is all there is."

"If someone were to ask me what Chico High has meant to me, I would say family because the faculty at this school has helped me in so many ways, including being on my way as a successful young scholar. I am so grateful to have met the people at this school that has impacted my life positively. Chico High means being great, kind, and want more out of life."

"I have had a great four years of high school. I have turned into a person my parents are proud of, I have accomplished many of my goals, and I have forgotten about the ones I did not. I have been impacted by many people and have impacted many people myself. I have held a good reputation and have learned and changed into a person I am happy with. I am ready for the next chapter of my life, and appreciate everything that has happened to get me here."

"The message is pretty universal, and love it or hate it, high school is an experience that really does teach you a lot about how to live your life. And there are two things that are for sure: I loved high school, and I’m excited for what comes next. Thank you, Chico High."



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