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ASB Officers 2022/2023

President:  Summer Sun
Vice President:  Brooke Javor
Secretary:  Isabel Consoli
Treasurer:  Allan Zepeda
Lip Dub with Ross
Mrs. Bishop
Lip Dub with Officer Durfee

Senior Class 2023

President: Adela Carrillo  
Vice President: Kendal Kyle  
Secretary: Ava Morris 
Treasurer: Jack Chadderdon  

Junior Class 2024

President: Emma Upton 
Vice President: Mason Branco 
Treasurer: Page Palmarini 

Sophomore Class 2025

President: Clair Schaefer 
Vice President: Brooklyn Davids 
Secretary: Mackey Farrell 

Freshman Class 2026

President: Jasmine Brown  
Vice President: 
Secretary:  Abbey Loeb
Treasurer: Kaia Taylor 
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ASB games
ASB games

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