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Chico High Counseling Team

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Google Classroom Codes

Senior, Class of 2024: xaldlxh
Junior, Class of 2025: qytu5jw
Sophomore, Class of 2026: ywl3pet
Freshmen, Class of 2027: bhwiwat

Academic Achievement:  Academic Block "C"

  1. Each student must retain a 3.5 GPA for two out of the three consecutive semesters.  The Freshman year is not included.
  2. Each student must also meet the standard CSF requirements, but does not have to be a member of, or participate in the club.
  3. Junior or Senior transfer students must have one semester at Chico High that meets above requirements and past transcript must also meet above requirements for two or three semesters (one at Chico High).
  4. A student meeting these requirements must have a note signed by a counselor submitted to the CHS ASB Comptroller.

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