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The CHS English Department is committed to giving students a strong background in all language arts skills:
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening and speaking strategies
  • Written and oral language conventions

All courses meet the:
Students must be enrolled in an English course every semester until graduation.  A total of 40 credits earned are required for graduation, with 30 credits earned in grades 10-12.
Courses are of four basic types:
  • English 9
  • English 10
  • Junior/Senior Core Curriculum of courses offering a mixed concentration on all language arts skills (oral and written expression, listening and reading experiences).  Junior and Seniors should be enrolled in the core curriculum.
  • Specialized electives concentrating on specific skill or interest areas

Although all courses in the English program are of potential value to all students, the courses preceded by a "P" meet college entrance requirements, and therefore are recommended for the college-bound student.

Courses Offered

  • English 9 P and Honors
  • English 10 P and Honors
  • 11th Grade 
    • American Literature
    • Humanities I
    • AP Language and Composition
  • 12th Grade
    • ERWC (Expository Reading and Writing Course)
    • Honors Humanities 2
    • AP Literature and Composition
  • Specialized English Electives
    • Film Appreciation
    • Speech and Debate (2+2 course, which may earn Butte College credits)

English Teachers

  • Stephanie Starmer - Department Chair
  • Joe Asnault
  • Travis Chew
  • Kevin Girt
  • John Klein
  • Craig Mathews
  • Jordan Mathews
  • Jill Ortega
  • Wynona Parry
  • Jeff Pithoud
  • Karen Washington
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