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The CHS English Department is committed to giving students a strong background in all language arts skills:
  1. Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Listening and speaking strategies
  4. Written and oral language conventions
All courses meet the:  California English-Language Content Standards for California Public Schools for Grades 9-12
Students must be enrolled in an English course every semester until graduation.  A total of 40 credits earned are required for graduation, with 30 credits earned in grades 10-12.
Courses are of four basic types:
  1. English 9
  2. English 10
  3. Junior/Senior Core Curriculum of courses offering a mixed concentration on all language arts skills (oral and written expression, listening and reading experiences).  Junior and Seniors should be enrolled in the core curriculum.
  4. Specialized electives concentrating on specific skill or interest areas
Although all courses in the English program are of potential value to all students, the courses preceded by a "P" meet college entrance requirements, and therefore are recommended for the college-bound student.

Courses Offered

9th Grade:  English 9 P and Honors
10th Grade:  English 10 P and Honors
11th Grade:  American Literature, Humanities I, AP Language and Composition
12th Grade:  ERWC (Expository Reading and Writing Course), Honors Humanities 2, AP Literature and Composition
Specialized English Electives:  Film Appreciation, Public Speaking (2+2 course, which may earn Butte College credits)

English Teachers

Joe Asnault - Department Chair
Travis Chew
Kevin Girt
John Klein
Jordan Mathews
Jill Ortega
Abby Ott
Jeff Pithoud
Kendall Smith
Jon Tyler
Casey Van Attenhoven
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