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Independent Study Teachers

Lori Cook
Cathelin Ginno
Krista Hanlon 
For staff emails and webpage links, please visit our staff directory below.
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Independent Study Program Handbook

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Are Online Classes Right for You?

  • Are you an independent learner?
  • Do you need scheduling flexibility to meet your unique learning needs?
  • Do you have health issues that make getting to campus each day a challenge?
  • Do you need to “clear” a D/F grade in an A-G course?
If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then the Panther Online Academy may be for you.

Benefits of Panther Online Academy

Participating in the Panther Online Academy gives you access to:
  • Flexibility AND rigor:  A-G, Fine Arts, Athletics and AP
  • Relationships:  personalized learning environment supported by quality CUSD teachers.
  • A tradition of excellence:  enjoy the credibility of a CUSD diploma.
  • Part of the school community:  dances, clubs, athletics, etc.
  • The option to combine campus and online courses.

Panther Online Academy

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