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Industrial Technology Pathways

Visit the links below to explore the individual Industrial Technology pathways at Chico High School.

Courses Offered

Engineering Design & CAD I  (Grades 9-12, Earns College Credit)
Engineering Design & CAD II  (Grades 10-12, Earns College Credit)
Engineering Design & CAD III  (Grades 11-12, Earns College Credit)
Architectural Design & CAD I  (Grades 9-12, Earns College Credit & UC Fine Arts Credit)
Architectural Design & CAD II  (Grades 10-12)
Architectural Design & CAD III & IV  (Grades 11-12, Capstone Courses)
Software Engineering & Programing (Grades 9-12, Earns College Credit)
Computer Engineering (Grades 9-12, Earns College Credit)
Cyber Security (Grades 9-12, Earns College Credit)
Robotics & Drone Design (Grades 9-12)

Industrial Technology Teachers

Jonathon Andrew         
Terry Sullivan
For staff emails and webpage links, please visit our staff directory below.

Skills USA Regional Winners

Skills USA Comp Winners

CHS Clubs

CHS Computer Science
Panther Robotics
Society of Women Engineers Next
Visit the CHS Clubs link below for more information.

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