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Classes/Grading Rubrics/Syllabus/Master Schedule 2014/15Top of Page

PE Benchmark Standards
CHS PE Syllabus
Cardio Fitness Grading Rubric
Effort Grading Rubric
Personal/Social Grading Rubric

  • Freshman PE
  • Sophomore PE
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Leisure Sports
  • Independent Study PE

Physical Education TeachersTop of Page

Email PE Teachers:

Richard Kemp (Department Chair)

Tammi Taylor 

Linda Catalano  for Independent Study website click here
Chip Carton for website click here
Curtis Colwes
Rich Kemp

Randi Linnet

Physical Education classes are required in grades 9 and 10 and elective in grades 11 and 12.
The core PE program stresses development of skills in a wide variety of activities to encourage students to find ways to enjoy physical activity in leisure time and to develop awareness of the importance of personal fitness.
Every student is evaluated on progress in the following areas: 
  • effects of physical activity on dynamic health
  • mechanics of body movement
  • gymnastics and tumbling
  • individual and dual sports
  • rhythms and dance
  • team sports
  • combatives (may include self-defense)
Each spring, students in grade 9 take a Fitnessgram test, with results reported to the California Department of Education.
All PE classes conform to the California Physical Education Framework.

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