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The science education mission of the Chico Unified School District is to ensure that all students are engaged in all the standards of the California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS). Students of all abilities will have access to high-quality science education where they apply science and engineering practices to real-world phenomena and use critical thinking skills to solve complex problems. Science education at CUSD will provide students with the scientific skills and knowledge necessary to confidently participate in a changing global society by engaging in quality educational programs that address diverse student needs and promote scientific learning throughout life.
The CHS Science Department is committed to providing a vibrant, interactive science education that engages students in real-world projects where students can participate in experimentation and problem-solving. In our courses, students will build a strong foundation for future classes in the sciences and for experiences in everyday life.  Students will develop stronger critical thinking skills,a deeper understanding of the scientific processes and make interconnections among the sciences, technology, society, and the environment.  
All CHS students are required to take one year of Physical Science**, and one year of Life Science*.  It is highly recommended that any University-bound student complete 3-4 science courses.   

Courses Offered

Biology - The Living Earth*
Chemistry in the Earth System**
Physics of the Universe**
AP Environmental Science*/**
AP Biology*
AP Physics-1**
*Fulfills Life Science requirements
**Fulfills Physical Science Requirements

Science Teachers

Marc Kessler - Department Chair
Cristina Barger 
Caleb Fleming
Lukas Kennedy
Karen Larson-Cannell
Mike Owen 
Jeff Reid
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