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The CHS Science Department provides in-depth study of scientific principles, employing appropriate technology and hands-on laboratory experiences at every level.  Coursework prepares students for college studies, as well as fulfilling high school requirements in Life Science, and Physical Science.

All CHS students are required to take one year of Physical Science, one year of Life Science.  It is highly recommended that any University-bound student complete three years of science:  Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  For those interested in pursuing a higher degree in science or engineering, a fourth year of science is recommended.
Students have an opportunity to graduate with honors in science by completing courses in biolorgy, chemistry, and physics, plus an additional course in AP biology, AP chemistry, or anatomy with a GPA of 3.5 or better in those courses.

Courses Offered

Sheltered Core Life Science
Sheltered Core Physical Science
Life Science
Earth Science
Introduction to Chemistry
Advanced Placement Biology
Advanced Placement Chemistry

Science Teachers

Jenelle Ball - Department Chair:  Chemistry, AP Chemistry for website click here
Brad Gripenstraw:   Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy/Physiology
Lukas Kennedy:  Intro Chemistry, Chemistry, Physics
Marc Kessler:  Biology & Life Science
Karen Larson-Cannell:  Biology, Physical Science, Life Science
Salvador Reyna:  Biology, Intro to Chemistry
Eric Soycher:  Life Science
Tammi Taylor:  Sports Medicine & Medical Careers
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Useful Science Links

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