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The Counseling Department has created guidance packets and course selection cards for each grade level.  Each grade level will have access to the "Course Request Entry" in their Student Aeries account. (found under the "Classes" tab at the top of the Aeries home page)  Students should enter courses into their Aeries account through the "Course Request Entry" page, during their designated dates.  Students should return the "course selection card" to their Counselor on their designated registration day.
Current Juniors, class of 2022, can enter class selections on February 1st-February 12th.
Current Sophomores, class of 2023, can enter class selections on February 15th-February 26th.
Current Freshmen, class oof 2024, can enter class selections on March 1st-March 12th.
To view our course offerings, visit the link below.
Counselors will be registering 8th - 11th graders throughout all of February and into April.  Please be patient as we attempt to enroll all off of our students into classes for next year.

Instructions for Aeries Student Portal:  Course Request Entry

  • Log into your Student Aeries
  • Use the pull down menu under “Classes” Choose “Course Request Entry”.
    If you do not have the option for course request entry, you have logged into a parent
    account. (only a student account has access to Course Request Entry)
    See your school office for student portal information.
  • In the middle of the screen you can enter the course number
  • After entering the course number, another box will appear to verify your choice. If it is
    correct, click the course name, then okay to save. Repeat for additional courses.
  • If you change your mind, click the Red X on the left hand column under “Current
    Requests” & the course will disappear. 

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